Read, share and manage reviews about local places

User needs

As a map user, I would like to read, share and write reviews in my favorite app (, OsmAnd), unfortunately I need to use multiple sytems like TripAdvisor, Yelp which don’t provide good map information
OpenStreetMap users • 500M
Open Reviews
As an active mapper, I would like to provide more details about place and its facilities like attach place photo, detailed list of service and I can’t do it today in OSM
OpenStreetMap community • 5M
Place catalog
As an advanced user or as a custom app developer, I would like to have ways to build custom filters via API or apps and that I can share information about places with particular service and reviews about that service
Advanced users, Developers • 5M, 1K
Extensibility and API
As an owner of local busines I would like to reach the largest audience where it is relevant to it and offer special deals i.e. when user is looking for a place by browsing map and reviews
Local businesses • 20M
Local ads platform

Open World is waiting for Open Reviews Platform!

We believe that information provided by users should not be collected in any hidden way with a privacy respect and should be available for everyone for any possible usage.

Market numbers

Market numbers and comparision between platforms & commercial companies.

Product, Platform
Reviews / Year
Google Maps
OpenStreetMap apps
OpenPlaceReviews apps
(target by 2020)

Number of reviews over time

Comparision of Local Review Sites according to

July 2016 - July 2017


Open World disrupts Google monopoly

Google is a leading platform for both maps and local reviews. As we can see there is no single close competitor to Google Maps, on the other hand applications based on OpenStreetMap in total is growing each year and could easily exceed Google Maps audience in 2-3 years.
If OpenPlaceReviews kicks off, it could reach the level to compete in 1-2 years.

Map apps / Audience

Map apps — Reviews per year


Victor Shcherb


  • Technology Architect @ Pegasystems
  • Lead Java Developer - 10 years


  • Technical leadership
  • Product design
  • Product development
Eugene Lisovsky


  • CMO & Shareholder @
  • Founder & CMO @ MoikaMoika
  • Exit 2018


  • Business Development
  • Partner connections
  • Product Econonomy


Users, Local Business, Geo Applications


Looking for place reviews

Lack of Trust: Rating manipulations in Google, TripAdvisor & Yelp = lack of trust to services operated by.

The need to switch between different apps: TripAdvisor, Yelp, Foursquare: to make a decision.

Hard to apply filters to reviews as reviews tagging structure varies from one system to another.

Local Business

Looking for feedback and new clients

No resources and competency in advertising & marketing to work with enterprise instruments (Google AdWords, Yelp, TripAdvisor).

Too expensive traditional offline advertising to cover the traffic in a radius more than 50 meters from the location.

Hard to manage all the data in all claimed accounts in different review platforms (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, other).

Geo Applications

Looking for open database of reviews

High prices for proprietary reviews (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare): small and medium geo applications can not afford it.

Hard to sell local ads globally when your app is not #1 in the exact region.

Small amount of own reviews for small apps collecting reviews becomes a big problem.

How it works

System participants is possible to divide into 3 main groups: apps, community, sales partners.

  • Apps represents groups of application that uses review data to display information about place. Each app has its own audience, people that businesses are interested in.
  • Community is a group of people that helps to maintain the data consistent, clean and accurate. Community usually divided into local chapters that combine people either by language or by territory or by other interests
  • Sales & Businesses. Sales partners and marketing companies connect local businesses to the platform in order to do marketing activities. Businesses are not supposed to connect individually in the begginning in order to keep API and reporting simple.

Each group operates with platform by providing and retrieving specific data.

  • Apps are responsible to collect and publish reviews from audience to the platform. Apps also create own ratings for places based on aggregated data for their users.
  • Community operates with raw data using platform tools. It votes for the database schema and makes decision about moderation. Also it provides documentation.
  • Sales & Businesses. Businesses provide accurate data about the business and also replies to original reviews in case it is needed. In the reverse direction they get analytics how audience (potential customers) deal with data.

As a platform OpenPlaceReviews should provide tools & programs, so system could operate flawlessly.

  • Apps need 2 types of software. Main database or API that will be able to download, keep reviews up to date and will have API to contribute reviews back. Second API is needed to participate and sell local ads to its audience and provide analytics to businesses.
  • Community needs various tools to keep system running. It includes monitoring, moderation, voting and documentation systems. It should be a proper end-user system (web or mobile).
  • Sales & Businesses. Until self-managed platform is ready, partners will need only API to connect to their reporting systems. Also customer tracker system is needed to check what business is connected via what partner.

In order to sustain and grow system needs money circulation. OpenPlaceReviews is supposed to take only small % of the revenue.

  • Apps is mostly money consumers in the system. They take money for local ads published to their audience. Initially apps could sponsor platform development to get access to reviews.
  • Community will get rewards as platform grows for keeping it clean & reasonable.
  • Sales operates as a proxy for local businesses who contributes. In case of self-managed platform individual sales will get incentvies % of business subscription regularly (each month).
  • Businesses will have 2 products to buy. 1nd is a basic monthly subscription which will give opportunity to do a basic promotion and give some control of published reviews and reputation about it. 2nd is ability to publish most effective local ads through all apps connected to OpenPlaceReviews.

Platform unites all participants and engages conversions between these groups.

  • Most active audience of Apps is interested in the quality of the product they use, so part of it will definitely participate in product development and transforms into Community.
  • Happy participants of Community (Ambassadors) will spread news about their participation and create a viral effect. Also some of the might be interested in incentives provided by platform and could become individual salesmen.
  • Apps audience naturally represents potential business customers. That’s why Business is interested to participate and support the platform.

How Open Communities Convert into Commercial Unicorns?


5M community
60K Monthly Active Mappers
Build open maps around the world

Google Maps

2000 paid mappers
2000 Monthly Active Mappers
Build most detailed system
Google Maps API alternative
Map Costs: $0
Audience: 500M
Revenue: ~$100M
Team: 250
#1 Maps for Travelers
Map Costs: $0
Audience: 120M
Revenue: ~$5M
Team: 40
Google Maps
Map Costs: ~$2000M
Audience: 1000M
Team: 2000

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