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We believe that information provided by users should not be collected in any hidden way with a privacy respect and should be available for everyone for any possible usage.

We are inspired by truly open crowdsource projects like OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia and we want to make a similar platform for User Generated Content.

As a first step we want to build a platform to store user reviews for restaurants, hotels, attractions, museums and other local places.


Community driven

Build a community to make key decisions about data
structure and moderation together.

Join discussions

Register & Update places

Register new places, update information about them and link to other web sources about these places

Define Tagging & Metadata

Vote and make decisions about tagging principles of places and reviews

Sync with Public Sources

Connect places to public source of information including OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, blogs, websites and let crowlers keep information up to date

Detect fraud, spam and vandalism

Develop and decide on tools to detect non-desirable reviews



Develop a decentralized system from the day 1 to avoid scalability issues in the future.
Blockchain and data explorer
Project kickoff article (forum)
GitHub repo


Keep all the data open to prevent any data manipulation. Data is stored in a blockchain form, so it is transparent for any changes.

Blockchain explorer

With appropriate data tagging let applications and users decide how to display the data to avoid monopoly on decisions

Future Monetization

Make business subscriptions once the project is matured and spread the income between applications, authors, moderators and network operators.


Victor Shcherb
CEO & Founder OsmAnd
Eugene Lisovsky

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